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Capital Connections (CC) is a comprehensive mentoring and capacity building programme linking the contemporary arts scene in Greece with that in Europe. It was developed in two fields: a) interconnection with the European stage and b) dramaturgy

Η 2023 Εleusis European Capital of Culture in collaboration with Busart and the International Network for Cultural Mobility On the Move organised Mystery 58 Capital Connections to support artists and professionals of contemporary performing arts in the fields of international collaborations and dramaturgy.

It was an important opportunity for 15 Greek performing arts organisations and/or individual artists who received personalised advice and mentoring from Kelly Diapouli and experts from  On the Move, for a period of one year, in order to launch or strengthen their presence on the international stage.

At the same time, five other artists had the opportunity to start a similar mentoring process in the field of dramaturgy with Alexandros Mistriotis, with the aim of completing an artistic project.

The programme “Interconnection with the European scene” started with an introductory two-day seminar, which took place in Elefsina on 25 and 26 February 2023 and continued with online monthly one-to-one sessions between the participants, Kelly Diapouli and On the Move, the leading international information network on artistic and cultural mobility, with more than 60 members from 27 countries.

Priority was given to organisations, artists and professionals at the beginning of the effort to develop their activity abroad, to independent organisations and artists, as well as those active in the region.

In an era plagued by repeated and profound crises and the need to re-narrate everything without any data, the debate on dramaturgy is becoming more intense internationally. The main objective of the one-year project “Empowerment in Dramaturgy” was to develop the personal artistic language of the participants through a methodical dialogue. The effort was bilateral and required a strong motivation to complete a personal artistic project, without any limitation in terms of genre and form: theatre, contemporary dance, site specific works, circus, and so on.

Priority was given to those who were in the early stages of the process of forming their personal language, i.e. either emerging artists or artists with a longer history of transition or redefinition.

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